Saturday, January 12, 2013


As we walked along together
sharing our joys and sorrows together
dreaming about our future
one day we would be there together

As months passed by
months to years passed by
still knowing we are there for each other

A day bloomed when we
got away for ever
promises which u made
were lost forever

A tear rolling down my eyes
my heart broken forever
not even knowing
i would love a person
who would leave me forever....

Monday, September 24, 2012

आज सोबत नाहीस....

आज सोबत नाहीस....
तरीहि ती संध्याकाळ आठवते..
आठवणींची लाट मनांच्या भिंतीवर आदळते...

आठवते, ती तुझ्या चेहेर्याची शांतता..
दुरावा असूनहि मनाची आर्तता....

बोलायचे होते खूप काही...
डोळ्यांनी मात्र अश्रूंचा बांध घातला...

ओठांवर शब्द असूनही...
आठवणीनी कंठ दाटला...

ठाऊक होते पुन्हा कधीच भेटणार नाहीस....
तरीही न बोलता नुसते डोळे भरून पहिले तुला...

दोघेही अबोल असूनही..
मनाचा प्रत्येक शब्द उमजला तुला....

आज तू सोबत नाहीस....
तरीहि ती संध्याकाळ आठवते..
आठणींच्या गर्दीत अजून नाही मी स्वताला शोधते....

आठणींच्या गर्दीत अजून नाही मी स्वताला शोधते....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

तुझ्या सोबत

तुझ्या सोबत पावसात चिंब भिजावस वाटतय
आठवणींच्या ह्या पावसात रमुन जावस वाटतय
पहिल्या पावसाच्या सरित एकत्र चालावस वाटतय
छत्री उडून घेऊन जावी असं वार्‍याला सांगावस वाटतय
फक्त तुझ्यासोबत किनार्‍यावर बसावस वाटतय
ढगाळलेल आभाळ बघून तुला थांबव...ावस वाटतय
किमान पहिल्या पावसात तरी भिजू असं तुला हट्टाने सांगावस वाटतय
चल वेडी करून तू चिडवल्यावर नंतर कुठे असशिल रे ??? करून रुसावस वाटतय
मागून येऊन मिठीत घेऊन तू मला मनवावस अस वाटतय
पावसाच्या ह्या चिंब ऋतुत
तुझ्यासकट भिजावस वाटतय
आठवणीच्या ह्या पावसात रमुन जावस वाटतय.....

Monday, May 3, 2010

Banganga, Drains of Ganges

Banganga, Drains of Ganga,
It sounds rude when one calls it drains, but that’s the current scenario. “Banganga, the water is believed to come from Holy Ganga River.” Known to be the sacred destination on charts of Mumbai Darshan, this is the output of internet search.
In the midst of the sky scrapers that represents some of the most expensive real estate in the world, lies the Banganga with its shanties. Mumbai’s pride, Banganga, the tank’s origins are lost in mythology. The place known for its serenity and sanctified waters now is in an awful and unpleasant state. Wikipedia claims that the tank is cleaned every January before the Banganga Festival, but one look at the tank, it seems that hasn’t been cleaned since years together. There are priests performing poojas and then tossing the remains of it (nirmalyas as they are called) in the so called healing waters, eventually turning it into sullied waters. In the same one finds the devotees purifying themselves with the paradox of trash and rotten stuff.
Shiva linga with it holy saga finds its place in a corner with garlands of filth around it.
One feels consoled to see the contradiction, the adorable duck overdose, gently waddling on water surface. Few providing backdrop to the rituals by the pujaris on the steps of the ghat.
Banganga, is supposed to be a heritage structure, also has few remains of ancient stone step, which seem to be lost this chaos of dirt. It was two years ago, when the restoration of heritage was in picture, and present scenario has its own story.
On an ending note, all this humble mango man has an earnest plea, to preserve the pious waters of Banganga from turning into mossy waters. Also to conserve the benchmark of being the sacred destination of Amchi Mumbai.